The 360-degree solution to fitness tracking and health discovery.

Boltt Sports Technologies

The 360-degree solution to fitness tracking and health discovery.


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More About Boltt

Ultimate Triple Threat

Boltt is a revolutionary connected system consisting of three advanced product technologies – the Boltt Connected Shoe, Smart Band and Stride Sensor. The Connected Shoe’s advanced design provides the best fit to enhance your natural run, absorb maximum impact and ensure you experience minimum fatigue. It is also embedded with sensors to track advanced bio mechanical data, as you run. Let the Smart Band track your sleep, monitor your heart rate and keep you updated on emails, calls and texts.

Garmin Technology

Garmin is the world pioneer in wearable technology and foot pod sensors, and they just so happen to be the mastermind behind the Boltt Stride Sensor. Get to know yourself and your health better with Boltt’s unique, lightweight and 97% accurate sensor. Place your Stride Sensor in the sole of your shoe and track your speed, cadence and stride accurately and in real-time.

A New Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Boltt uses the data captured from its wearable ecosystem to give you dynamic feedback on your performance and training. Boltt knows that data is power, but realizes the data is useless unless you know how to apply it. Let your Boltt show you how to use the data gathered to enhance your training, health and fitness decisions.

Software For The Hardcore

Sleep, activity and nutrition – the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle. The iOS and Android compatible Boltt Life App analyzes the data received from your devices to provide useful insights and guidance, such as running form feedback, fat burn and injury prevention tips. It differentiates between leisure time, walking and running and motivates you to stay active throughout the day. With auto sleep tracking system, Boltt measures your Deep, Light and REM cycles and gives insights to help you get a good night’s rest. With a database of over 2 million food items, it’s super easy to get nutritional analysis of your every meal. It’s never been easier, or more fun to stay up to date on the most important metrics throughout your day and night.

A Fusion of Fitness and Fashion

Reach your fitness goals without jeopardizing your personal style. The Boltt Smart Band tracks, measures and improves your training without you even noticing you’re doing it. Say goodbye to adjusting bulky wearables, and put that extra energy into what really matters – your workout.

Meet B

Take the guess work out of training with B – your cheerleader, coach and workout partner. B analyses your body movements in real time and gives you voice cues to run faster, perform better and maintain a proper form. The more you train with B, the more personalized your workout gets. When you’re not training, B chats with you like a friend. It analyses your eating habits, sleep and activity patterns and assigns bite-sized tasks every day. With 24/7 support, B keeps you from falling off the track and guides you to make smart choices daily. Whether you prefer a voice coach to push you to your limits or a text full of feedback guaranteed to help you run faster and train harder, B is the newest member of your A Team.

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